DGI introduces SELIN to Online Tax Portal

We just wanted to make sure that you were aware that the DGI has made public a new feature that they have integrated to their Online Tax Portal or Ventanilla Electrónica Tributaria in Spanish.

The Online Tax Portal is the electronic method through which taxpayers present each month their tax declarations and other reports to the DGI, which is the National Tax Authority of Nicaragua.

This portal in recent years has seen various upgrades and modifications.

The past month of May 2020 the DGI through a official communication copied below announced that as of the 8th of May 2020 a new feature denominated Soluciones en Linea (literally “Solutions Online”), or SELIN for its acronym in Spanish, would now be available for the following:

  1. Electronic Solvencies;
  2. Use of the Tax Document Administration System, or SACFI for its acronym in Spanish; and
  3. Substitute and amended declarations.

As per the official communication, SELIN aims to simplify and group together functions of the Online Tax Portal that previously were segregated. It is also understood that this new module within the system will also work as a secure document exchange system for when taxpayers would need to send additional information regarding their tax declarations.

At this time, there have not been any further information regarding this feature of the Online Tax Portal, neither is it currently activated for use with all taxpayers.


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