Important Reminder: 19th of July 2020 Holiday in Nicaragua

The Labor Code in article 66 specifies that the 19th of July is considered a national holiday in Nicaragua and this year that day falls on Sunday.

What does this mean for people that will work on that day? Read below to find out…


What is the 7th day in the Nicaraguan Labor Code?

The Labor Code establishes, as a general rule, that for each 6 continual days of work an employee is entitled to 1 day of rest, this is known and referred to as the 7th day and for many this falls on Sunday.

Keep in mind that article 17 (k) the Labor Code requires that employers concede employees time to rest among other obligations in relation to work schedule and annual vacation time.


What is a national holiday in Nicaragua?

Also, as mentioned above article 66 establishes the 19th of July as a national holiday and pursuant to said article, this means that it is a obligatory holiday wherein workers are entitled to rest and salary for that day.

Therefore, even though this year the 19th of July falls on a Sunday, this in effect does not constitute a “lost” holiday, wherein employees that usually rest that day will not benefit from the national holiday, no, for this reason the figure of compensatory days in the Labor Code exists, as per articles 65 and 68.


The legal figure of the “Compensatory Day”.

What is a compensatory day? It is a figure within the Labor Code that established if for any reason a holiday were to coincide with an employee’s 7th day rest, then he is to be compensated and the following day will compensate the day the holiday was supposed to be rested.

So, please remember if you do have an employee that rests on this day the following day, Monday, constitutes the compensatory day and therefore, if you do not want to end up paying double their salary, it would be recommendable to make sure they take both days off.

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