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I have run portions of my North American company in the cloud for many years and have worked with various bookkeepers and accountants. Based on my experience as a business owner, I highly recommend SAENICSA for the services they will be able to provide for your business.

Beth Harris
CFO, Cafe Bósque

At SAENICSA, we are confident in your abilities and drive to do great things, so in turn we provide the tools and knowledge you need to reach your highest potential.

The cornerstone service our firm provides are outsourced accounting services for small to medium sized businesses in Nicaragua.

Many of our business clients outsource their accounting departments to our firm because they want to have that experienced strategic partner to walk them through the accounting and financial side of their business.

This is a smart decision, because our experience and understanding of your needs as a business will be exactly what you need to set your business or organization onto the path of success.

Check out how easy it is to begin working with SAENICSA: What is our client on-boarding process?

When you pair our experience and knowledge of doing business in Nicaragua, with the accurate and timely financial data that our accounting services will provide your business with, not only will you be able to now measure your success, but you will also be able to strategically plan for it going forward.

CONTACT US now to start today the process of successfully being able to outsource your accounting needs to SAENICSA and getting your business moving forwards to where it needs to go.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): Accounting Services

We provide accounting services for small to medium sized businesses that include:

  • Opening of initial account balances;
  • Registration of all revenues, costs and expenses;
  • Generation of financial statements, specifically:
    • Balance Sheet;
    • Income Statement;
    • Annexes
  • Updating of accounting books (General Ledger & Journal)
  • Physical document storage.

Taxes need to be declared and paid for within the first 5 calendar days of each month.

This means that depending on volume our clients either send their documents:

  • By the 15th and 2nd of each month in 2 sets; or
  • 1 full set by the 2nd calendar day of each month.

After having received the documents from our clients we proceed to process and calculate monthly taxes that will need to be declared and paid before the 5th of the month.

Once monthly taxes have been taken care of our accountants begin preparing the monthly financial statements that will be sent towards the end of the month.

Finally, after financial statements are sent to the client all supporting documents such as receipts and invoices are archived along with their corresponding accounting documents and all are filed away in our physical document storage units.

The benefits that our accounting firm provides to small and medium sized businesses in Nicaragua are substantial, just consider that:

  • Our firm is the only accounting firm in Nicaragua with an online client portal, where as our client you will have direct communication with the accountant in charge of your account and the partner responsible for your engagement.
  • Through our online client portal, you will also have unlimited access to your client files, tax declarations, tax payments, financial statements and more.
  • You receive the experience of a firm that has provided services to both national and international businesses for the past 25+ years.
  • Communication with our clients and exchange of documents can be in either English or Spanish.

Consistent client reminders and other important topics are periodically sent to each of our clients through our bi-monthly newsletter, tax notices and other important periodic notifications that we assure that all our clients receive when they need them.

For us it is important to make the initial on-boarding process for a new client as easy and secure as possible.

So, to facilitate this process, we have put in place a simple and easy 5 step process.

For more information on this process just click HERE.

Our accounting services are billed, usually on a fixed monthly fee.

We usually send to our clients a notice of invoice within the first 5 business days of each month with payment due by the 15th of each month.

Clients can then either arrange for payment via cash, check or electronic transfer.

The cost of our services depends on the following factors:

  • Type of service (Accounting, Tax, Payroll or Audit);
  • Expected duration of service;
  • Volume (quantity) of information and documents to process on average for each month;
  • Type of industry the client works in;
  • The expected cooperation/assistance that is to be expected from the client.

Therefore, to be able to provide a quote for our services there some basic questions that we would need to know, click HERE for more information and to tell us about your business.

With our firm you can expect an advisor, accountant and strategist that will help you set the foundations for your future success as a business.

And to build up to the success that you envision today smaller steps are taken to help you get there by helping you:

  • Keep better track of your income and expenses
  • Reduce costs and expenses
  • Increase profit margins
  • Read and comprehend your financial statements
  • Be better prepared for year-end taxes
  • Save money by avoiding unnecessary fines and penalties for incompliance
  • Be better prepared for future audits.

Rest assured that with SAENICSA you are making the best choice for your business.

We understand that there may come a time when a client may not be able to continue with our services, or for any reason may need to rescind or cancel their service agreement with our firm.

We understand this so any cancellation of a service agreement can be carried out simply by notifying the us in writing, usually a month in advance so as to begin preparing the return of any client documents and work product that should be returned to the client.

Any pending fees will need to be handled prior to the return of any client documents.

There is no penalty for cancelling services.