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I have run portions of my North American company in the cloud for many years and have worked with various bookkeepers and accountants. Based on my experience as a business owner, I highly recommend SAENICSA for the services they will be able to provide for your business.

Beth Harris
CFO, Cafe Bósque

Accounting is the foundation of any business, large or small. Having accurate and timely financial data is of utmost importance to any successful business as it allows for management, owners, and stakeholders to make informed financial and operational decisions.

By bringing our experience to your business, SAENICSA can deliver the accounting expertise you need to ensure your accounting is done effectively and timely.

Range of industries

Business Services
Consumer Products
Import / Export
Special Tax

Strategic & tactical planning

With our accounting services we can help you:

  • Keep better track of your income and expenses
  • Assist you in reducing costs and expenses
  • Increase profit margins
  • Read and comprehend your financial statements
  • Be better prepared for year end taxes
  • Save money by avoiding unnecessary fines and penalties for incompliance
  • Be better prepared for future audits
Accounting Review

What to look for in an accountant?

When looking for an accountant it is important to make sure that whoever you decide to work with has the necessary accreditation to do so. Accounting involves much more than just recording what comes in and what goes out of a business, there are important rules and regulations that have to be followed.

Additionally, it is good to always choose at least a CPA to do accounting and tax work for your company. This simple choice can provide you the assurance that the person you are working with is both experienced and professional.

An important part of business is communication. To have a successful business, it is imperative to communicate and to do so well.

With your accountant it is the same – especially with taxation. If communication is clear and meaningful there could be a lot of things that you are missing out on and that could be costing you money.

Finding someone experienced to help you with your accounting and tax needs is also very important. When you work with someone that has experience this means that any problems that come up or opportunities that present themselves can be either mitigated or exploited to their full potential.

You can also save valuable time and effort by not having to guess what steps to do next.

Just as you would request references for someone that you would hire as staff, you should do so when hiring an accountant. This is important not just because you need to make sure that this person is who they say they are, but it also helps in starting the type of relationship that is important to have with your accountant, a trust relationship.