The tax obligations that companies and individuals currently operate in is characterized by constant change and increased complexity. Business and financial decisions are impacted by regulatory challenges placed by tax authorities with ever-increasing enforcement initiatives.

The Tax Services our firm offers help clients sort through the complexities and enable them to plan, develop, and manage tax strategies and positions to ensure tax efficiency and compliance.

In addition to one-on-one consulting we can also assist you with the following obligatory tax declarations for your company:

  • Initial three (3) business days of each month;
    • Monthly Salary Report
  • Initial five (5) business days of each month;
    • Income Tax Withholding at the Source
    • Employee Income Tax Withholdings
  • Initial fifth-teen (15) business days of each month;
    • 15% Value Added Tax Debit
    • 15% Value Added Tax Credit
    • Income Tax Prepayment or Minimum Income Tax Payment
    • Municipal Income Tax
  • The 31st of January of each calendar year;
    • Annual Municipality Business Permit
  • The 31st of March of each calendar year;
    • Year-End Annual Income Tax