About Us

Who we Are

We are a accounting firm that provides professional services to business located in or interested in coming to Nicaragua. We initially began providing accounting services in 1995 and started with a team of 2 accounting professionals that were dedicated to integrity and excellence in accounting, tax and corporate consulting.

After having gained considerable experience in through continuous and varied client engagements, our team has learned to be able to identify problem areas in a company’s financials. Where we then assist our clients in identifying the cause, correcting the problem and on capitalizing on the new opportunities that will result.

As a firm we are a forward looking group of passionate accounting and tax professionals with the relevant experience to match.

Bank Account Reconciliation

Why Choose Us


In accounting accuracy is important and sooner or later errors come to the surface. Our firm can help you to minimize that type of situation.

Reduce Costs

In today’s economy it is imperative to keep costs minimal and we’re here to help you do just that.

Simplify Workload

Your obligations are many our services can help you better organize yourself and help you focus on more important tasks to maximize your business’ potential.

Our Mission

Our commitment to our clients is that through leveraging each of our individual team member’s strengths we will provide you with a service that greatly surpasses expectations and assists you in developing financially sustainable business.

For the past 20+ years our efforts have been directed towards providing services that mark a difference in our client’s businesses and establishing relationships that not only permit, but also facilitate effective communication.

Capitalizing on these synergistic relationships and opportunities has resulted in the success of many of our clients.

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  • Tax
  • Payroll Administration
  • Managerial Consulting
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Our Experience

Accounting 95%
Tax 80%
Payroll Administration 90%
Managerial Consulting 75%

Our Team

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