Business Continuity in the Midst of Crisis

Too few businesses are ready and prepared with a business continuity contingency plan to survive prolonged duress due to the effects of COVID-19. This has been more evident than ever before during this crisis.

For the longevity of your business determined and swift action needs to be taken now for any possibility of continuity.

Implement Preventative Coronavirus Countermeasures at the Workplace

The Coronavirus has brought to the fore the importance of having a vested interest in our employees. So, we cannot understate the pressing need for you to foment the protection of each employee’s health and their wellbeing during this crisis.

Especially since this virus affects not only individuals, but the entire social-economical structure that interconnects all of us.

So, by helping our employees, you’re not only helping your business, but your helping a family and the community that that family lives in.

Workers that are both mentally and physically healthy will be essential to your business not just today, but always.

To partially implement these changes will not be enough, it is imperative to implement at all levels of your business the necessary social distancing measures and protocols for the health of your employees, providers, customers and your business. There really is no way around that, and companies that right now aren’t doing this are suffering considerably.


Coronavirus plan

Formulate a Plan

Identify critical priorities that are important to keeping goods moving and services ongoing.

What does this mean? Well it means that something like payroll cannot just be left for last minute, your providers will need to be paid and insurance policies cannot just be skimmed over.

Therefore, make sure that these areas of your business are being taken care of by your key people, because if you cannot make payroll your employees will not work, if you cannot pay providers then there will be no goods to sell and if a unexpected accident occurs insurance may not cover it.

Either of which would lead to situations that can have detrimental effects to your business.

Also, today with so much information on the virus is being shared, replied to and commented on there is a digital overflow of news. This creates misinformation and stress on consumers.

So, be prepared to quickly respond to clients and customers with any concerns that they may have with measures that are being put in place to protect their health and that of their families when they visit your place of business.

This means that it is more important than ever to have all of your digital channels, such as Facebook, E-mail, Twitter and so on well managed.


Video conferences for business.

Think Long-Term

When a crisis arises, the lasting effect is usually that a lot of what was bogging down the growth or sustainability of a business is shed away so there is a sort of a metamorphosis at an internal level.

So, take this time now to assemble a highly skilled and dedicated team of key players within your business.

Do not be reserved either about looking for people that a far away from you either.

Take your business out of the box and see what can be reconfigured, redone or what is now obsolete. Any business plan that you were working on before this crisis is not applicable anymore. If your business model does not change and quick to what our new reality is – at least for now – then that is not good news.


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